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Atharintiki Daredi Movie Review

idlerelax Rating : 3.5/5

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Director : Trivikram Srinivas
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Starring : Pawan Kalyan,Samantha,Pranitha,Brahmanandam

Story: Gautham Nanda (Pawan Kalayan), a multi millionare of Milan, Italy returns to India to fulfill the wish of his Grand father Raghunandan ( Boman Irani) to bring his daughter Sunada(Nadhiya) and her granddaughters Pramela(Pranitha) and Shashi(samantha) back to his family as his 80th birthday gift. Goutham joins as driver in his aunt’s family saving her husband Rajasekhar (Rao ramesh) and also saves his aunt’s 5-star hotel from financiers. In the meantime both girls are attracted towards Gautham and the movie shifts to Rayalaseema where Brahmanandam as Bandham Bhaskar and Kota srinivasa Rao as Naidu enters with few chases and tons of comedy and few twits, sentiment . How Goutham completes his mission ? ….forms the story.

Performance: Pawan is as fascinating as ever with his energetic performance. He is exceptionally handsome as Gautham Nanda / Siddharth in this film. He excelled in each department with his masterful ease, be it signature step in “Its part time ” or Classy steps in “Bapu gari Bomma”, dance in Kevvu Keka remix song , fights, singing or charismatic conduct towards heroines.

Samantha and Pranitha looked gorgeous and their chemistry with Pawan is very good , especially samnath is very cute . Other characters like Boman Irani, Nadhiya ,Rao Ramesh were give good time for their roles, Kota srinivas always good. Posani as Rajaratnam is okay. Brahmanandam has given what was expected from him Technical: Dialogues are the most important technical aspect of the movie after characterization. Puri has come up with entertaining dialogues that suit Pawan Kalyan . Background music is good and songs scored by Mani sharma are excellent.All the songs are well in to audience now. Melikalu song is good on-screen and well picturized. Pawan Kalyan had delivered some decent steps. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is top-notch. Dinesh choreography is good. Editing should have been better and can be trimmed . Direction is good, but screen play should have been better.

Technical: The biggest plus of the film is music by Devi Sri Prasad. The “Aaradugula Bullet” title track, other songs Katamaraudu, Babu gari bomma, and Its Party time featuring Mumtaz and Hamsa nandini is very impressive , Nunnu Chudagane is highly recommendable Kirrake and Katamarayudu are good .

Cinematography by Prasad Murella is decent and Gowtham Raju’s editing is also adequate, Screenplay is convincing by establishing characters, The screenplay successfully carries the entire film without boring the audience in later stage.

Trivikram’s Dialogues in this film needs a special commendation for simple one line punches and his direction is pretty cool .He opted clean entertainment but neglected mass audience in first half and also the crazy comedy content was missing in first half . But in second half , entertainment is given in tons and chase scenes will a feast for mass audience . Production values by Sri Venkateshwara Cine Creations are good.

Analysis: Pawan Kalyan is the only actor in Tollywood who is very difficult to handle as the exceptions graph of his fans and general public always points to 90 degree. It would be a challenging task for any director to reach his fans expectations, But director Trivikram has proved once again with Pawan kalyan after Jalsa. Both Pawan and Trivikram are close buddies and they known each other’s in & outs which helped to and come out with a clean family entertainer .

Attarintiki daredi is a clean family entertainer with good mix of entertainment, humour, action and of course the new dimension called Pawanism. Although the movie goes in a slow pace , but the graph picks up gradually and the time of interval, The movie reaches to a level building curiosity for the audience to wait for the second half.

The first half of the movie has moderate entertainment , Scenes like Pub-scene, settlement scene,Shopping Mall scene and Mohan Babu dialogue and three songs has made it a good entertainer.

The second half of the film starts with a twist and completely shifts to Rayalaseema with lots of humor of Brahmanandam , chase scenes , Tree episode, Remix song, Baba getup and three songs. Ninnu chudagane song has DSP in cameo role and Pawan dance in saree, not to be missed at all. Kiraku song and Katamarauydu song are also awesome. Pawan Kalyan as Baba dancing for Kevvu Keka song is highly entertaining. But the second half is bit slow initially and picks up well later and drags a bit at Climax .The comedy quotient is lot more than first half with heart touching sentiment dialogues in climax . Overall , Its a complete entertainment package.

Verdict: Blockbuster: Records Ki Daredi !

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Verdict : First half of the film is superb and second half is equally good. Pawan Kalyan’s performance and Trivikram’s excellent story telling skill makes sure that your heart is touched at times and heartily laugh all the time while watching the movie. Pawan Kalyan redefines the entertainment value with his performance in Atharintiki Daaredi. Trivikram entertains classes as well as masses equally. Go and watch the film in big screen to get entertained along with the rest of the crowds!! SAY NO TO PIRACY!!!


Analysis : Attarintiki Daredi doesn't have a novel story. It is a simple story where the protagonist tries to unite his divided family. Trivikram made this film a complete package by using Pawan Kalyan's star power. When a superstar like Pawan Kalyan plays the lead role in a family entertainer, only sky is the limit if you get it right. Trivikram excelled in doing so. He made sure that the film has every element that pleases the magnanimous fan base of Pawan Kalyan and also used his special skills as an actor.

You can see Pawan Kalyan in his elements in this film. He completely owned the role of Gautham Nanda and gave his best to it. He enjoyed every scene and that vibrant performance brings extra kick to the proceedings. First half of the film is smooth with nice comedy and few action bits. The graph starts to go up from the interval point with episode after episode pushing the movie to unimaginable heights.

Although the film has sentiment backdrop, Trivikram never lets it go in to emotional mode. Climax scene is a testament for Trivikram's ability as writer and director. This film will be lapped up by families and they will watch it repeatedly. Except for the audience who crave for mass masala, Attarintiki Daredi will entertain everybody. Films like these are very rare to come and don't miss the opportunity to watch it on big screen. Go grab your tickets, now!

Verdict: ! Power Packed Family Entertainer!:


Verdict : పవన్ మార్క్ మ్యాజిక్ ఇది కథ విషయానికి వస్తే సాధారణంగా...సింపుల్ స్టోరీ ఉన్నప్పుడే ట్రీట్ మెంట్ కి ఎక్కువ అవకాసం ఉంటుందనేది ఈ స్క్రిప్టు చూస్తే అర్దమవుతుంది. ముఖ్యంగా కథలో మలుపులు కన్నా ప్రేక్షకుల్ని అలరించే మెరుపులని సినిమాలో పెట్టి సక్సెస్ కొట్టవచ్చు అనేది గబ్బర్ సింగ్ తో ప్రూవ్ అయ్యింది. దాన్ని మరింత ముందుకు తీసుకు వెళ్లారు. సినిమాలో ఫ్యాన్స్ ని అలరించే అంశాలను తనదైన శైలిలో సమకూర్చి పవన్ ఫ్యాన్స్ కి పండుగ చేసారు.

అలాగే " సింహం పడుకుందికదా అని జూలుతో జడ వెయ్యకూడదు రా... అదే పులి పలకరించింది కదా అని ప్రక్కన నిలబడి ఫోటో దిగాలనుకోకూడదు" వంటి డైలాగ్స్ పవన్ కూల్ గా కిర్రెక్కించాడు. ఎందుకు హీరోలు ఎప్పుడూ పాత రూట్లోనే మాస్ డైలాగులు చెప్తూ,అవే తరహా ఫార్ములా ఫైట్స్ చేస్తూ,రొటీన్ రొమాన్స్ తో కాలం వెల్లబుచ్చుతూంటారు...అన్న ప్రశ్నకు కొంతలో కొంత ఈ సినిమా జవాబు ఇస్తుంది. పవన్ నుంచి రెగ్యులర్ మసాలా ఆశించేవాళ్ళకు కొద్ది సమయం పట్టినా తర్వాత బాగుందని అంటారు.


Verdict : Whether you feel the leak will end up hurting the success Atharintiki Daredi in the long run. Leak will effect, only if those who have downloaded the film end up seeing it in mobiles & DVD and stay waiting for its second half print. As a high budgeted film releasing after a gap of two months movie has large seethe in Tollywood, people will obviously come forward to check out Pawan Kalyan - Trivikram, who has given super hit Jalsa in their earlier attempt. The leak and the associated far-flung press coverage serving as a useful promotional tool for Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daredi. Those who’ve seen its first half and have become even more curious about the final product, will be happy with the project. On the whole Atharintiki Daredi a well-made film which is sure to go well with Pawan Kalyan fans and family audience. Go for it. It’s a clean family entertainer.


Verdict : The title “Attarintiki Daredi” has the power to pull the family crowds. At the same time the content in it is appealing equally good for mass audience. Thus it stood as a product with right blend of elements those entertain both families and masses.

Trivikram’s pen that has huge expectations met the requirement but gone overboard in some parts. It being Pawan Kalyan’s film audiences do expect more and more from his pen. Though there are some just normal sparks here and there with respect to his dialogues in 1st half, he has shown his true mettle all over. But some dialogues and scenes where Pawan Kalyan orders to purchase the Railway Station are not in tune with the maturity levels of Trivikram. Though such scenes were conceived to show how rich the protagonist is, they are not convincing. Simlarly Ahalya-Gautamudu rehearsal scene on Brahmi-Pawan-Samantha and Ali is lengthy and boring.

"Simham podukundi kadaa ani joolutho jada veyakoodadu raa..ade puli palakarinchindi kadaa ani pakkana nilabadi photo digaalanukokoodadu roi" is one dialogue that got huge applause equally good as it got in trailer. And some other such dialogues are:-

"Paamu paradhyananga undi kadaani padaga meeda kaaleyyakoodadu roi"

"Nenu simham laantonnabba..adi geddam geesukoledu. Nenu geesukogalanu. Anthe tedaa".

Another dialogue, “Ramudu samduram daggaraki vellaaka bridge elaa kattalo plan chesadu kaani, adivilo koorchuni plan geesukuni samduram daggariki raledu” is another line that worked well in theatre situationally.

A scene in which Pawan Kalyan imitating Mohan Babu and in another scene Pawan’s character behaving as if he doesn’t know who Chiranjeevi is brought claps and shouts instantly but especially the latter scene may remain as controversy element down the line. The scene with Chiru goes like this:

Seeing a scene from Chiranjeevi’s Gang Leader on TV, the conversation between Pawan and MS goes like this:-

Pawan: "eeyana evaru?"
MS: "Chiranjeevi ani.."
Pawan: "Acting baane chesthunnaadu. Ippudem chesthunnaaru?"
MS: "maanesaaru sir"
Pawan : "Yenduku?"
MS: "vaallabbayi chesthunnaadu"

And some naughty scenes where Pawan unzips Samantha and Samantha saying, “Thinnadanthaa ikkadike potondi” holding her butt do attract masses but keeps family audiences in awe. But every thing passes without any quip due to Pawan’s aspect.

And coming to the music part, all the songs are impressive. ‘Bapu gari Bomma’ entertains family crowds and ‘Ori Devudo’pulls the attention of masses. 'Ninnu choodagane' stands as highlight. 'Kevvu keka' parody entertains Pawan fans.

Peter Heins’ action episodes are interesting if looked at understanding cinematic liberties.

First half runs hilarious while the sentiment and right tempo builds in second half along with a few boring moments. Pawan's performance in the climax is impressive.

On a whole, Attarintiki Daredi will be an entertaining film when entered into theatres with average expectations.