Don't take me as a slave: Pawan

Pawan met farmers of Penumaka. This assumes so much significance because the actor turned Jana Sena party founder earlier supported TDP-BJP alliance.

Speaking to media at Penumaka Pawan said that it is only in the best interest of welfare that he supported the two parties. Pawan said that only after he believed CBN's rule will be better than Jagan's that he rendered supported to his candidature. Pawan said he personally does not endorse any party or person. The Jana Sena leader told that he never asked TDP for any posts and added that his alliance should not understood as slavery.

He added that TDP leaders are slamming he is anti development and remarked that how is he a deterrant to development if he pointed out mistakes by the government. He said if he were to be development deterrant he would not have supported the TDP in the first place.

He warned people not to question his integrity. He said for the sake of people he left his own blood brother behind!