Veera _Review

idlerelax Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Ramesh Varma
Music Director : Thaman S
Producer : Indukuri Ganapathi Raju
Starring :Ravi Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Tapsee and others..

When you are watching a Ravi Teja’s film you gear up yourself for some level of predictable scenes, and also for the actor’s energetic performances. While we get usual dose of Ravi Teja, Veera pushes the formula for a bit too long. Here are the details.

What's it about:fter being arrested by ACP Shyam (Shyam), dreaded goon Rahul Dev is now bent on taking revenge. He kills Shyam’s son, who is studying at a hostel, injures Shyam and is now after entire Shyam’s family. The police man is given a special security – Deva (Ravi Teja). At the ACP’s home, Deva gets friendly with the entire family of the ACP. However, he can’t seem to make a connection with Satya (Sridevi), Shyam’s wife, who seems to despise him. Ikee (Taapsee), a neighbor falls in love with Deva, but is unable to get through to the heart of the stern security officer. On his own, Deva completely protects the family, gets close with Shyam’s younger kid, and also keeps Shyam’s secret – that his son is dead – protected from the family. On the other hand is Pradeep Rawat, who is searching for Satya, with her photo. With all these things going on together, one fine day Rahul Dev gets a chance to get even with the police officer. In the ensuing action Rahul is killed, but Deva is shot at by Pradeep Rawat. Satya, then operates on Deva, and reveals that Deva is none other than her brother Veera! Why did Satya stay away from her brother, and why did Veera pose as a security officer for his brother inlaw forms 95% of the second half.

What is Good: As usual Veera is a Ravi Teja film from the outset. He does his usual punch dialogue jigs, comedy situations and action sequences too. His equation with Brahmanandam and Ali generates loud laughs. His romantic comedy scenes with Kajal Agarwal too are entertaining. The girls, on their own, have very little to do. Taapsee has few scenes before and after songs – any way she is as bubbly as ever. Kajal has a better character sketch as a village girl, and she gives a better performance too.

The movie has a huge cast of character artists of which only Shyam, Sridevi, Brahmanandam, Ali, happen to get better written roles. Divya Vani, gets a chance to showcase her rough side – quite a distant opposite from her role in Bapu’s Pelli Pustakam, which wowed Telugu audiences. Inspite of these many positives, once the main twist in the tale is revealed, the remaining part of the movie becomes very unsurprising. It was here that the director’s ability to narrate the story was challenged.

What is bad:Once the flashback episode starts, directors builds it up as if we are to expect intense drama. Instead he completely takes off the intensity with comical situations, more number of characters, and very violent fights. The flashback is too long, takes more than 90% of the second half, and by the end of it, all major characters find their end. This leaves very little for the director to end the movie on a higher note, with the expected climax proving too long to wait for.

Technical Departments:With the usual hero worshipping scenes, Chota K.Naidu sticks to grand moves of the camera. His work is more noticeable and more calming in a romantic slow number. With the dancing talents of Kajal Agarwal and Taapsee Pannu troubling choreographers, Chota Naidu had to cover it up for them, presenting them as glamorously as possible. Thaman manages to give entertaining numbers, and comes with up inspiring tracks in the background too. Editing isn’t as crisp, and few songs could have been easily avoided too. However, the songs themselves have been shot well, most of them entertaining. All said, the technical values of the film aren’t as questionable as the screenplay, which seems to make no effort to the present the story better.

Final Point:It is amazing how inspite of having colorful songs, glamorous heroines, few fights, extremely comedy scenes etc.- how a film fails to catch our attentions. You might watch all of these separately, but together they just don’t stick together. Watch it, if you are a big fan of Ravi Teja.

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