Vandhan Vendran Review (Vachadu Gelichadu (Telugu) Review)

idlerelax Rating :3/5

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Release date : 16 September 2011
Director : Kannan
Music Director : Thaman
Producer : K.S.srinivasan
Starring : Jeeva, Tapsee and others

Jeeva is back with Vandhan Vendran after delivering back-to-back hits in the form of Ko and Rowthiram. He has been paired with Tapasee Pannu, who also tasted success this year in award winning film Aadukalam. Now, let us see what they have offered in the Tamil movie, which is directed by R Kannan.

Story:As the director said before, Vandhaan Vendraan is about positiveness. It talks about Arjun (Jeeva), who desires to win. Arjun lands in Mumbai in search of a notorious don named Ramanna (Nandha). After finding him, he becomes his close aide and reveals the reason behind his meeting. Indeed, he spills the beans on his love tale. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ramanna killed the father of Arjun's girlfriend Anjali (Tapasee). Now, she throws a condition that she could only marry him if she gets justice. In precise, Ramanna should be put behind bars. The story gets a twist, when it is discovered that Arjun and Ramanna are siblings. The rest of the part should be seen on-screen.

Performance:Jeeva has given his best again. The actor champions in each and every frame. Especially, he has excelled in action sequences. And his costumes are also good. Nandha is raw yet he is good. He has done complete justice to his role. Tapasee is a treat to watch and the actress seems to have shed some weight for her character in the film. As usual, Santhanam tickles the funny bones of the audience. Rest other characters are okay.

Technical Departments :Music director Thaman impresses the audience with his songs. And his background score is also apt. PG Muthiah cinematography is good. Especially, his work can be seen in songs. He has beautifully captured the lead stars on his lens in songs. Director R Kannan has done a decent job. If he had grip over screenplay, the movie could have appealed the audience in a completely different way. The presentation is not up to the mark.

Analysis:Vandhan Vendran is a decent entertainer. Though, the movie does not offer anything special, yet the movie could be seen once. It is a positive attempt made by Kannan and it has all the ingredients.

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Rating: 2/5

Analysis: The doubt that comes to mind while watching the film is what made Jiiva accept it. The answer is got in the climax. Maybe that twist must have convinced the artists to accept this project.

But that alone is not sufficient to run a film. The rest of the film should be good for creating an impact with that twist. The screenplay should have been prepared like that.

Anyways, if the director focused on entertainment along with justifying his script, the result would have been better. Moreover, the twist that we are talking about is already seen in Prabhas’s ‘Darling’ so for us it is nothing new.

He came...he will go...