Sangharshana Review

idlerelax Rating : 2.75/5

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Director : Samuthirakani
Music Director : Sunder C. Babu
Producer : Vedaraju Timber
Starring : Allari Naresh, Swathi, Sasikumar, Vasundhara, Neeveda & Others.

Sangharshana is dubbed version of Poorali that released simultaneously in Tamil Nadu as well. Sasikumar, who had starred in the successful “Subramanyampuram” with Colors Swathi, teams up with her and Allari Naresh in this lengthy saga that could have been half its length and not dragged so much!

What’s it about:The movie starts off with Sasikumar and Naresh landing up in Hyderabad without a paisa in their pockets. They make themselves comfortable in their friend’s house without revealing a clue about where they are from or what they do in life. The bubbly Naresh and the philosophy spouting Sasi soon find a job in a petrol bunk from where they start a small business of a “paid service”. Their hard-work and helping nature soon make them popular with the people around them. Swathi, their neighbor, falls in love with Sasi and manages to win him over despite his blunt rejection of her initially.

The first half moves along in this peaceful setting until the twist in the story finally lands up. A bunch of villagers land up looking for Sasi claiming that he is a murdering psychopath who has escaped from the mental asylum with Naresh. The rest of the film is filled up with lengthy flashbacks about a Sasi’s traumatic background in a village and his ill-treatment at the hands of his greedy family. Finally, the movie comes to end after a couple of long-drawn action sequences that show Sasi in a super-hero light.

Plus Points :The strongest part of the movie is the acting by both the leads and the rest of the cast. Naresh and Sasi throw themselves into their characters and are very impressive. It’s a welcome change to see Naresh‘s acting in his scenes as an epileptic patient while Sasi plays the strong-silent character with ease. They both complement each other in their scenes. Swathi is her usual chirpy self and she shines through in the emotional scenes. The cinematography is first-rate and the scenes in the village are shot in very earthy colors using natural light.

Minus Points:Where the movie fails to sustain the audience interest is the length of the movie. The interesting build-up of the first half is wasted by trying to incorporate too many subplots in the background. The long-drawn flashback in the mental asylum serves no purpose apart from being a meeting ground for Naresh and Sasi. The director does try to bring up a good point about how mentally challenged people are treated in the country but the message gets lost somewhere. There are many characters introduced around Naresh & Sasi in the city and the village and it was quite confusing to keep a track of each one.

Verdict:What would have helped in keeping the movie engaging was a tighter script that could have reduced the film to almost half its running time. The second half has you wondering on where the film is heading.

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