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Director : TK Rajeev Kumar
Music: M Jayachandran
Cinematography: Manoj Pillau
Starring : Shweta Menon, Sreejith, Manianpilla Raju, Shammi Thilakan, Maya Viswanath and others..

The film Rathinirvedam stars the buxom hot babe Swetha Menon. The movie is dubbed in Telugu which was released recently in Malayalam and is a remake of the 1980s film of the same name. Jayabharathi and Krishnachandran played the roles of Rathi and Pappu in the film directed by Bharathan. We now have Swetha playing Rathi while Sreejith Vijay plays Pappu in the remake directed by TK Rajeev Kumar.

What’s it about:The story of the original Rathinirvedam and the new one are basically the same. It is about a beautiful and sexy woman. A young boy, who is set to join engineering, goes to his native place and sees his beautiful neighbour Swetha chechi. He is still an adolescent and he is totally infatuated by the woman. She awakens the manhood and sexual desires in him. The boy is so infatuated by the woman that he goes mad dreaming about realising his sexual curiosity and fantasy. The story is what happens in the end. This is the basic plot. Swetha Menon oozes sex and it is her sex appeal that has driven largely to garner maximum publicity for the film. Even the posters show her in very sexy and hot poses. However, the film does not work fully. The film, in this present age where adultery and illicit relationships are very common, – the plot looks too old and clichéd.

Positive:Swetha Menon

Negative:No novelty
Clichéd story
Climax scenes

Performances:Swetha Menon is hot and fits the role of Rathi perfectly. The camera focuses on her ample assets and this is a visual feat for all her fans. She does justice to her role. Sreejith looks a bit old than the adolescent that he is supposed to be. Still, he manages to do a convincing job. Maniyanpillai Raju, Latha, Shammi Tilakan, Pakru, Maya and others do a decent job.

Verdict:Rathinirvedam is set in the 80’s. The director has tried to recreate the period look with costumes, watches, furniture and other paraphernalia. Still in the songs one finds the actors in modern and trendy costumes. The director should have taken care of this. The film does not excite as the original. The drawback could be due to the lack of chemistry between the lead actors Swetha Menon and Sreejith. The film is not just sleazy as the promos suggest but it is a film that tries to explore the deeper human emotions and relationships. All said and done, this remake is still far below the standards of the original.

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