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idlerelax Rating :2.25/5

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Director : Gautham Patnaik
Music Director : Joshua Sridhar
Producer : S.V.Babu
Starring : Siddharth Rajkumar , Aishwarya, Rakul Preet Singh and others

Sidharth Rajkumar, who happens to be the cousin of Rebel Star Prabhas and nephew of Krishnam Raju, makes his debut with this movie. In fact there are many debutantes in this film. Gautam Patnaik, the brother of R.P.Patnaik, makes his debut as a director. Rakul Preet Singh and Aishwarya make their debut as actresses. The movie has been touted as a youthful entertainer so let us see how it fares.

What’s it about:Keratam is about the life of Siddhu (Siddharth Rajkumar) who is a careless and jolly student. He is the leader of a gang of four and his father (Bheemaneni Srinivas) is a government employee. Sidhu is infatuated with Geetha (Aishwarya), who is a classmate. This group passes out of school and joins a college where Siddhu gets into trouble with other students. Siddhu gets into a serious quarrel with Robo, a college bully. Unexpected circumstances force Siddhu to run and hide from the police. These circumstances cause Siddhu’s gang and Geetha to desert him.

A depressed Siddhu drops out of college and wanders like a loafer. He comes across Sangeetha ( Rakul Preeti Singh) and tries to impress her but Sangeetha doesnt fall for him and abuses him as a loser. At this juncture, Siddhu’s father sacrifices his hard earned money in a bid to get him a government job but Sidhu wastes that money. What follows next is a classic and very old story of a hero redeeming himself and transforming from a ‘good for nothing’ loser into a winner.

What is good:Sidharth Rajkumar comes up with a decent performance for a new comer. His dances are good and he has the potential if he is groomed properly. Rakul Preet Singh looks good and she too can have a good run in the movie industry with some effort and care.

Bheemaneni turns is a balanced and mature performance. The other artistes did their roles well. Songs are good and look nice on screen.

What is bad:The story is a very old and cliched one. There is no freshness in the way it is narrated. Screenplay is awful and the first half literally makes you squirm in your seats.The first half of the movie resembles ’10th Class’ a lot. The patience of the audience is tested. Second half seems slightly ok but in reality,its only because the first half is so terrible that even the slightest improvement makes you feel better. The characters are not etched well and there is too much preaching in the movie. Every now and then, you will hear a moral class about the ideal student and the ideal son.

Siddharth needs to work hard on his histrionics and dialogue delivery. His expressions are wooden but since this is a debut movie, he will probably improve with time.He also looks a bit chubby at times. Aishwarya is terrible in the role of Geetha. She looks ok but her histrionics are very bad. Venu Madhav is wasted and his efforts at bringing some humour into the movie are not successful. The character of Robo went overboard and makes you feel awkward.

Technical Departments :Direction is immature and is a big letdown.Gautam Patnaik needs to learn the basics of story telling. A better screenplay and more conviction in story telling would have made the film watchable. Cinematography is average and so is the editing. But the real redeeming factor of the film is its background score and the music. Joshua Sridhar has done a pretty good job and the songs are a major relief from the monotony.

Choreography is pretty decent.

Analysis:I have no hesitation in saying that this movie will sink without a trace at the box office. There is nothing going for it except some decent music and you can very well enjoy that in the comfort of your home instead of shelling out money to endure this offering for more than two hours in a theater. There is absolutely nothing for the B and C centers either. Stay away from this ‘wave’ if you can or else you will be mentally washed out.

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