Akasame Haddu Review

idlerelax Rating :2.5/5

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Release date : 09 September 2011
Director : Ravi Charan Meripo
Music Director : Anand
Producer : Nimmagadda Venugopal
Starring : Navadeep, Rajeev, Panchi Bora and others

With both Navadeep and Rajiv Saluri, still trying to find their unique identities in the Telugu film industry, their film Akasame Haddu hardly raises any expectations. Yet, in spite of some pretty visible loopholes, Akasame Haddu has a certain level of novelty about it that makes you sit down and watch it fully. The story touches the not too new topic of suicide in the name of love, but the way it gets around is definitely unexpected.

What’s it about:Narayana (Rajiv Saluri) is trying to kill himself, when Karthik (Navadeep) interrupts his attempt and asks the reason. Narayana narrates his story – how he belongs to a middle class family, how he is a brilliant engineering student, and how all his life went haywire after he fell in love with Keerthi (Panchi Bora). Karthik promises Narayana to help, and with this little guidance, things start falling into place for Narayana. He’s now friends with Keerthi, and life has begun to look beautiful again. However, it seems that Karthik and Keerthi seem to share a strange connection with each other, unbeknownst to Narayana. Who is Karthik, and why does Keerthi seem to fall for him rather than for Narayana becomes the rest of the story.

What is good:The best part of Akasame Haddu is its novel concept of how a student, who is on the verge of committing a suicide, is transformed with ‘little’ help from someone. Of course why ‘that someone chooses’ to help him is a risky concept, but it all seems to have turned out well for the filmmakers.

The role of Karthik is a cakewalk for Navadeep, and he seems natural in all sorts of scenes. Rajiv Saluri has definitely improved a lot since the days of Notebook, and within limitations he has managed to live his character. The likes of Tanikella Bharani, Bhanu Chandar, Pragati, Dharmavarapu, Surekha Vani, Rao Ramesh etc., have limited but meaningful roles. There are a number of new sidekicks in the film, some of whom manage to impress to a certain extent. A certain scene, in which Rajiv runs after a bus Panchi takes, is as good as any typical commercial Telugu film scene. However, such moments are a rarity in the film, and the director fails to capitalize on the help offered to him by a reasonable story, decent set of actors, neat music and pleasing cinematography.

What is bad:While Navadeep’s character is important part of the story, the way it has been etched leaves a lot of questions unanswered, there by becoming a convenient tool in the hands of screenplay writer. By the time his true character is revealed it is too late for the audience to sympathize with him. Also the screenplay seemed to suffer because of the unnecessary scenes included forcibly to generate few laughs. Had Panchi Bora been able to bring something more to her character, the story could have had an edge. Together these problems make Akasame Haddu rely too much on the uniqueness of the idea rather than on brining the idea to its life convincingly.

Technical Departments :The director Ravicharan managed to keep his sensibility up, keeping the topic of the film realistic to an extent, inspite of taking cinematic liberties. The way he balances the climax, ensuring that the female character doesn’t lose its sympathy, is impressive. Mantra Anand’s songs are definitely hummable and keep us interested in the proceedings of the film. Most of the film is visually appealing, thanks to appreciable camera work and neat digital grading. The same cannot be said about the songs, as except for one or two songs, a lot of them seemed to have been done in a hurry. If the editing could have been better, the film could have managed to come across with some more intensity.

Analysis:The makers of Akasame Haddu have their hearts in the right place, though there is a lot more that could have been done with the same script. The theme of the movie might attract college goers, and at that Akasame Haddu movie is not a bad watch, if you can excuse its limitations.

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