Janatha Garage Movie Review

idlerelax Rating :3.25/5

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Release date : Sep 1st, 2016
Director : Koratala Shiva
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Producer : Naveen Yerneni,Y.Ravi Shankar,CV.Mohan
Starring : NTR,Samantha, Nitya Menon, Kajal,Unni Mukundan,Sai Kumar,Devayani,Rahman,Sitara,Sachin Khedkar and others

NTR,Koratala Shiva’s Janata Garage released today in a extravagant manner amidst huge expectations. Expectations soared as NTR scored two successive hits Temper and Naannaku Premato while koratala Shiva repeated Mirchi success with Srimanthudu. Let us see what impact the duo made with Janata Garage. Story: Anand (NTR) is a nature lover who pursues environmental research in Mumbai. He fights not for himself or for his beloved ones but for mother earth which is troubled by various issues like pollution,global warming etc. He has his maradalu Bujji (Samantha) who silently help him achieve his objectives. However when Anand fight against a MLA who loses his post, following his exposure, his uncle sends him to Hyderabad to save him from trouble.

Anand continues in the same vein in Hyderabad fighting against environmental hazards and makes enemies. He even fights with Raghav (Unnin Mukundan), son of Satyam (Mohan Lal) owner of Janata Garage. There he comes to know about some startling facts. To findout more about Janata Garage and its secrets, watch Janata garage on silver screen.

Performances: NTR is known for his powerful dances and stunts. He thrilled all with his dancing moves in the intro song Pranamam and Pakka Local with Kajal. What endears him not only to fans and movie lovers is his powerful emotional dialogues. He showed his power just with his expressions many times without even uttering a single word. Mohan Lal showed his class in a good role which puts helping others ahead of anything. Mohan Lal and NTR created powerful impact on silver screen with their emotional performances. They killed it piercing the hearts. Koratala should be complimented for providing such roles for them.

Samantha is not lagging behind and apart from oozing with glamour, she too attracted in emotional scenes while parting ways with NTR. Nitya Menon showed her class with her expressive eyes,bubbly looks and as a modern girl. Kajal gave kick with her hot beauty treat in special song Pakka Local. Sachin Khedkar acted as cool and menacing villain and Sai Kumar acted well as a helpless top cop. Others performed their act accordingly.

Technical: Devi Sri Prasad came with good songs. He mixed with foottapping energetic songs, melody and also powerful situational songs. All the songs are well shot and well choreographed. Devi Sri Prasad’s background score elevated the film to another level. Art director erected extravagant sets and Tirru’s cinematography captured the beutiful picturesque and nature locations to highlight the creative value of the film. Editing could have been better as there are many lags and film dragged quite a lot in many scenes. Production values are top class.

Negatives The dragging narration.
Lack of comedy.
Analysis: Koratala Shiva known for his creative stories once again came with unique line but later turns out routine. He touched on the world’s major problem, environmental hazards and narrated in a completely different manner. Koratala takes time to introduce characters and establish them in a powerful manner in the first half. In the process one gets an impression that the pace of the film is slow. Unlike routine films, Mohan lal character is introduced first in a powerful,emotional and sentimental manner. NTR appears on screen only after twenty minutes of the first half. This shows how much he values his story than the star.

Koratala didnot stuck to the story and didn’t try to elevate heroism of NTR in a extravagant manner. This may put off fans as NTR was seen mostly in a subdued, emotional, sentimental manner delivering powerful dialogues along with Mohan Lal. First half passes smoothly with Koratala establishing conflict between Mohan Lal and villains, NTR and villains and also showing bonding between Mohan Lal family members and NTR family members. Samantha and Nitya Menon too are introduced in a simple manner. Pre interval fight generates interest and first half ends with good interval bang.

Second half turns too serious with Mohan Lal and NTR joining hands to protect those who come to them seeking help and taking care of the villains. Climax would have been better as ended up with routine fight. Film however lacks entertainment as there is not even single comedy scene. There is also no so called filmy romance between hero and heroine but Koratala showed their true love towards each other in a powerful and emotional manner. Koratala made powerful impact with his dialogues. Some of them like “Balavanthudu Balaheenunni Bhayapetti Bathakadam Aanavayithee. But for a Change. Aa Balaheenudi Pakkana Kooda Okka Balamundhi.” connected chords immediately. Koratala for all his efforts drifted with his story, screenplay and direction. For most of the part, it is good but when fight for entire world gets entangled in family fights, the message is lost in between. Film has too class touch and it has to be seen how masses receive it. Commercial success may be difficult because of the serious content.

Bottom Line: Janatha Garage some scenes touches hearts with emotional journey but how it will be accepted commercially we have to wait and see. If you are not looking for any kind of entertainment and good with emotional content, then you can try once.