Brahmotsavam Movie Review

idlerelax Rating : 3/5

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Release date : 20 May 2016
Music Director : Mickey J Meyer
Producer : Mahesh Babu,Prasad V Potluri
Starring : Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Pranitha Subhash Director: Srikanth Addala

Fist & Short Analysis: Brahmostavam is all about the family values, director Srikanth Addala tried to show the importance of joint families but he was confused by involving with hell lot of characters. Kajal’s role is unclear, Pranitha did her best and Samantha got a good role to perform. The main backdrop is screenplay there is connectivity between scene to scene where the better part is only the songs. Overall the film got average talk and Tollywood prince Mahesh who has given huge publicity to the film has to face average talk for it.

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Bottomline: content meets commerce 'Brahmotsavam' has everything in right proportions...A Beautiful Love Story, Heroism Elevating Scenes and Heart-Touching Sentiment. What worked for the film is taut screenplay and convincing visuals that keep the audience hooked to the screens. The caption 'Simple but Beautiful' perfectly suits the movie.

Koratala Siva believed in the content so much that he strictly followed what's necessary to convey the novel point to the audience rather than including some forced comedy. It's because of this reason the film will be high on content and low on entertainment values. Due to the long run time, Viewers get the feeling that the film is slow paced. It runs in a routine/predictable commercial format in the second half except for few twists and the lengthy Climax is a bit let down.

College Backdrop Scenes, Flashback Episode, Village Adoption Sequence, Emotional Scenes in Pre-Climax and Action Block in Mango Farm are the highlights of 'Brahmotsavam'. Lastly, 'Brahmotsavam' is a film with content & a purpose.



Bottomline: content meets commerce First half of the film is has class and romance with a superb interval block. Second half has nice emotions and action sequences. Plus points of the film are good storyline, Mahesh Babu’s performance, good emotions and right direction. On the flip side, the second half is little too lengthy. Brahmotsavam is a perfect example of what happens when a huge star like Mahesh Babu opts for a content based film without going for beaten-to-death-entertainment-based movies. Brahmotsavam will be a feather in Mahesh Babu’s cap and will be a big blockbuster as well. Go and watch it!!



Bottomline: Brahmotsavam With Rich Message Director Siva Koratala has proven that he could present regular mass movies in style with ‘Mirchi’. In Brahmotsavam, he has used the same style but has strong content and has narrated the movie in focused manner, not deviating from the story.

While watching the movie, you will also spot the similarities with Mirchi like father’s love for son (Jagapathi Babu/Sathyaraj), hero entering into a village on a certain mission.

Also, Koratala selected a topic that rings well with the current mood in the nation – adopting the villages. One can also find influence of Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Swades’.

No special intro is given to Mahesh Babu. He comes into the story with a song and then the story is told in leisurely.

In the first one hour, it goes on sluggish pace but picks up later. Even in the first hour some scenes like Mahesh Babu confronting Mukesh Rishi at his residence in Delhi, fight sequence in wedding get highlighted. Second half the movie takes a gripping turn.

“You have earned respect through sheer hardwork, let me also earn it,” tells Mahesh Babu to his father Jagapathi Babu in one scene. Such class scenes laced with dialogues and liberal dose of English are welcome change.

Then there is also one gripping sequence in the second half when Mukeshi Rishi invites the hero to his mango farm. The movie is dotted with many scenes that elevate heroism to the peak.

Dialogues written by the director will also make the fans happy. When Mahesh beats a rowdy, another one comes forward to beat him, then Mahesh tells to this guy: "Nenu Ikkade Untanu..repu kooda untanu..vaade kadatledu..mundu vaani choodandi." Mahesh taking selfie with a rowdy is another hilarious moment in the film.

Mahesh Babu’s class performance, Shruti’s charm, good message, right mix of mass and class elements make the movie a good commercial entertainer.

All in all, Brahmotsavam is the movie where content and commercial elements have blended well.



Bottomline: Director Koratala Siva’s Brahmotsavam has every ingredient that you ask for from a commercial entertainer. From action, romance, humour, melodrama, songs, dance moves to emotional sentiments, there is a bit of it all to make things sufficiently spicy. But only if you go for the film without much expectation, Brahmotsavam may turn out to be a watchable fare at best. The film’s real trump card, is Mahesh Babu who has given a tremendous performance in the lead role. But the directorial lag is evident in many scenes even though Koratala Siva just manages to make them engrossing. On the whole, Brahmotsavam will surely be a treat for the actor’s fans despite being tagged as a social themed film, the movie has some good emotional sequences which will touch fans hearts.



Bottomline: Rich Blend of Content and Commerce. Brahmotsavam has a storyline that doesn't suit for a commercial star. Koratala Siva weaved magic with his narrative skills and tremendous grip over commercial elements. The film is about knowing your roots and giving back to the society. Kudos to Koratala Siva for making a commercial film with this concept.

Brahmotsavam starts off slowly by highlighting the emotional clash between father and son. Action episodes are cleverly placed in the film so that it doesn't get preachy and bored. Second half is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and action. Protagonist character appears very emotional in the family scenes and extremely heroic when he meets the bad guys. Siva struck a right balance between these shades and used it effectively to cater to all sections of audience.

Mahesh Babu's majestic performance and the dialogues will keep you hooked until the end. Runtime could have been trimmed a bit, especially during the climax part. Brahmotsavam may not appeal to the mindless entertainment seekers. It is a perfect blend of commercial elements and meaningful content. Brahmotsavam will not only please Mahesh fans but also win the hearts of movie lovers. We can expect this film to conquer the box office as well.


Bottomline: మీ డబ్బులు గిట్టుబాటు అయినట్లే ఫైనల్ గా 'శ్రీమంతుడు' చిత్రం..బ్రతుకుతెరవు కోసం పుట్టిన ఊరుని వదిలేసి వచ్చి ఎదిగిన తర్వాత మీరు మీ పుట్టిన ఊరుకి కూడా ఏదో ఒకటి చేయాలనే సందేశం ఇచ్చిన ఈ సినిమా చూసిన తర్వాత మనకూ మన ఊరు వెళ్లి ఏదో ఒకటి చేయాలనిపిస్తే దర్శకుడు,హీరో,నిర్మాత నిజమైన సక్సెస్ పొందినట్లే. అలాగే సందేశం వినే మూడ్ లో మీరు ఉంటే...మీ డబ్బులు గిట్టుబాటు అయినట్లే.