Khaidi No 150 Movie Review

idlerelax Rating : 3.75/5

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Release date :01-11-2017 Director : V.V. Vinayak Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad Producer : Ram Charan Starring : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal

Story: A group of farmers, led by social activist Shankar ( Chiranjeevi) , fight against a corporate company which wants to grab their lands. Annoyed, Agarwal ( Tarun Arora), the chief of the corporate, tries to kill Shankar. Meanwhile, a petty thief Katthi Srinu (Chiranjeevi) , who escaped from Kolkata jail, bumps into the scene of murder attempt on Shankar. Looking at Shankar who fell unconscious, Srinu realizes both look alike. To permanently escape from jail, Srinu Impersonates Shankar and he is taken into custody by Kolkata police.

Later Srinu understands the circumstances in which Shankar and his group of old men are fighting a cause, determines to fulfill the shoes of Shankar.

Rest of the story is how Srinu fights for the Neerooru village people, makes them win the case against the corporate

Performance: Khaidi No 150 is a Chiranjeevi’s one man show. Chiranjeevi's come back after ten years has excited his fans to see him in dual roles in the movie. Kajal Aggarwal has paired with Chiranjeevi and their performances and chemistry has worked very well. The songs which were released earlier failed to attract much. Chiranjeevi's dance steps are stunning and the visuals compliment well to the low key music. Chiranjeevi is still energetic and he is more young and a heart throb. He carries the movie single handed and his dialogue deliveries with panache are sure to stay in history. Kajal is gorgeous and she makes a neaty role. Ali, Posani Krishna have done justice to their roles. There are even few cameos which grab our eyeballs.

Techinical: Ratnavelu’s cinematography is fantastic, captured foreign locations and “Ammadu..” song very well. Devisri Prasad’s audio songs are already chartbusters, background score is good and most of the background score is re-used from Tamil version. Devi Sri Prasad’s love for Megastar can be seen in the audio he delivered for this movie. Ram Charan as a producer has spent well wherever it is required. Though production values are adequate, as per story, there is no much grandeur in the film ..hence less production cost overall

Plus Points: Chiranjeevi’s dance moves in “Ammadu “ Song are delight for the fans and non-fans as well
Chiranjeevi’s speech about the farmers and importance of villages
Drawbacks Chiranjeevi looks odd as shankar
Slow paced pre-climax

Analysis: Khaidi No.150 is a tailor made film for the re-entry of megastar and the boss does not disappoint even for a moment. Those who have been waiting to watch him on big screen will surely end up loving the action drama. No matter whether you already watched the Tamil version you will be carried away by the megastar’s onscreen aura. Go watch it for Chiru!

Verdict: Boss One Man Show