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Chiru Dosa To Be Patented

Mega Star Chiranjeevi's 60th birthday had many specials and guests were served with Chiranjeevi's special dish 'his favorite Dosa specially cooked at his home'. Chiru's Dosa is fluffy and prepared without oil. It was served with vegetable stew and peanut chutney. According to the latest Ram Charan decided to apply for patent for the Dosa.

Sharing the secret on how this dosa was prepared, Ram Charan said, "25 years back he was shooting near Mysore when he stopped at a small dhaba with just 2-3 tables. He wanted to have his filter coffee and he had it with the Dosas they were serving there. These Dosas were fluffy and very different. My father is someone who knows recipes well. He liked the dosas so much so that he begged them to give him the recipe, but the family who ran the dhaba said, 'Sir, it's our secret recipe. You give us a box and we will fill it up with the Dosa’s, but we cannot share our recipe.' My father understood but he called his cook to Mysore to taste those dosas and asked him to figure how it was made. For a year after that, everyone tried to make it in our home kitchen and while we could not match it to that dosa, we discovered our own recipe that became the most popular dish of our home. It's not paper-thin like other dosas but is fluffy with zero oil, so all the actors in the family love to eat it. My gift to him on his 60th birthday is the patent of this dosa which will be known as 'Chiru Dosa'."

He added all celebrities love the dosa. Ram Charan said,"Yes that's true. Everyone starting from Mr Rajinikanth loves this dosa. Whenever Mr Rajinikanth enters our house, he will say, 'Where is the dosa?' This dosa is the staple in our house. It literally just melts in your mouth. Richard Gere too loved it when he visited us. Sachin Tendulkar loved it. I remember once my dad and he were playing a charity match in Hyderabad. Sachin told my dad, 'It's very normal for me to be the captain sir, so why don't you be the captain? It will be fun if I play under you.' So, my dad was the captain and Sachin played under him. He came home. I remember it was Ramzan time. He first ate so much Haleem and then ate the dosas, which he loved."

Ram Charan sharing that he would apply for patent spoke about his plans. He said "My wish is to start a food truck that goes across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana selling it. The dosas (served with chutneys and just one choice of a veg or a non-veg curry) will be made by chefs and while it will be amazing quality, it will be priced low so that more and more people can taste it."