Ajithís rise from Wrenches to Riches

The story of how famous men went from rags to riches has been told time and again, and some of our South Indian celebrities have a similar background. Collection King Dr. Mohan Babu was a drill master and Rajinikanth was a bus conductor before they started putting on make up and winning the hearts of movie lovers. But do you know that Tamil star Ajith, who recently hit the Telugu screens asĎDavid Billaí, has a similar story?

Before turning to acting, he was a full time scooter mechanic! Born in Secunderabad, Ajith never went on to college after completing his high school education but instead learnt the art of bike repair from a scooter mechanic. He later turned to race car driving before appearing in TV commercials. With that experience and many unsuccessful trials he was able to land supporting roles in only two Telugu films. In 1993, he was chosen for the lead role by Lakshmi Productions for their film ĎPrema Pustakamí. He even changed his name to ĎSrikarí for the movie!

That would be his only lead role in a Telugu movie, as he went to the Tamil movie industry and settled there as ĎAjithí.The rest, as they say, is history!

Ajithís next big release

Despite Ajithís bad run in Andhra Pradesh, producer Shobha Rani has a lot of confidence in the Tamilís starís upcoming film David Billa and is planning to release it in over 400 theatres to draw huge openings. ďItís a slick action flick made on a budget of Rs 60 crore and has the potential to spin box office magic,Ē claims the producer, adding that Bruna Abdullah and Parvathi Omanakuttan will be the value additions to the film. ďItís the perfect recipe for entertaining the masses and young audiences,Ē she adds. Although Ajithís film Gambler was a flop in AP, Shobha feels that this prequel to Billa is a sure-fire winner.

Skin show fight over David Billa

Director Chakri Toletiís upcoming movie withAjith, David Billa, is facing the ire of Censor Board for over skin show of hot heroines. Miss India beauty Parvathy Omanakuttan and international model Bruna Abdullah competed with each other for this movie in terms of pouring glamour. However, Censor Board ordered for more than 50 cuts to give this one a U/A certificate. It is heard that director Chakri and heroine Parvathy are against this idea and are fighting with board to hold the skin-show intact.

David Billa Movie Release Postponed

Tamil Actor Ajith's upcoming movie 'David Billa' release has been postponed. 'David Billa' was supposed to be released on June 22 along with 'Sakuni' but the release was postponed to June 29 as the post production works got delayed. Now the producer doesnít want the film to be clashed with 'The Amazing Spider Man' as its going to be released all over India on June 29. So the producer has planned to release the movie on July 13 as there are no releases of star heroes in Tamil. Well if 'David Billa' is release on the same date in Telugu, its gonna be a tough time for the film as Trivikram Srinivas's 'Julayi' and Puri Jagannath's 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' are also scheduled to be released on July 13. Trade analysts are telling that let the audience decide which film is worth a hit at box-office.

Bellamkonda regrets missing David Billa

After tasting success with dubbed Tamil films like Kanchana, producer Bellamkonda Suresh missed the dubbing rights of Tamil film David Billa starring Ajith and Parvathy Ommakuttan by a whisker. ďI was almost set to grab the dubbing rights but when I came to know that my colleague, Sobha Rani, was interested in it, I stepped back,Ē said Suresh at the audio release function of David Billa. The film is a prequel to the superhit Billa and is a fresh change in the industry. ďItís a slick and trend-setting film and I wish the team big success,Ē Suresh said. Bigwigs like Ramanaidu, Prasanna Kumar and Atchi Reddy were also spotted at the event.

David Billaís audio launched

The audio of Ajith, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah starrer David Billa was launched at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. D Ramanaidu, Ramesh Prasad, Bellamkonda Suresh, RP Patnaik, Chinni Krishna, Samudra, Prasanna Kumar, Atchi Reddy and Ramesh Puppala were some of the guests from Telugu film industry who graced the event. Parvathy Omanakuttan and Sarath Mandava, who co-wrote the screenplay also attended the event. Ramanaidu launched the audio and wished that the film goes on to become a big hit. Shobarani is presenting the Telugu version on SVR Media Pvt Ltd banner. Directed by Chakri Tholeti, David Billa is a prequel to Billa and traces the origin of the character. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music and Rajasekhar is the cinematographer. The film is expected to hit the screens on June 15.

Ajithís David Billa on June 15th

The stage is being readied for the music launch of Ajithís much awaited gangster drama, David Billa. The music will be launched in Hyderabad tomorrow. A sequel to Billa the movie traces the story of the rise of Billa from a small time guy to a dreaded international don. Ajith, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah and Vidyut are playing the lead roles in the movie. Chakri Tholeti is directing the movie. Shobha Rani is producing the Telugu version of the movie set to release on June 15. The stylized action sequences and Ajithís action are touted to be the highlights of the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music for the movie which has become extremely popular in Tamil Nadu.

Ajith Romance with Anushka

Siruthai-fame Siva will direct Ajith for a movie next.

The movie would go to floors once Ajith completes his film with Vishnuvardhan. Buzz is that the movie would feature Anushka opposite Ajith.

Anushka is flying high as she is acting opposite Vikram and slated to do Singam 2 with Suriya. Sources say Siva has penned a script that has mightily pleased Ajith.

Ajith has given his go ahead and the movie would be produced by Vijaya Productions as part of the centenary year of its founder B Nagi Reddy.

Ajith signed up for Ravitejaís Daruvu in Tamil

Ajith has signed up for a film with director Siva of Siruthai fame for Nagi Reddyís Vijaya Productions. There is a lot of curiosity surrounding this project. Latest reports suggest that the film will be a remake of the Telugu film, Daruvu which has Ravi Teja and Taapsee in the lead. It was released yesterday and is being touted as an out and out masala entertainer.

Sivaís last film, Siruthai which was also a remake of Ravi Tejaís Vikramakoodu and had Karthi in the lead went on to become a smash hit. Clearly Ravi Teja is a lucky charm for director Siva!

Billa 2 in Telugu as ' David Billa'

Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar Upcomming Tamil Sensation Billa 2 Creating Hype in Audience After Releasing Teaser.

Billa 2 Telugu Version Titled as 'David Billa' and this Movie Audio Launch Takes Place on May 01 and Movie will be Released at the end of May.

Billa 2 Movie is Directed by Chakri Toleti Eenadu Fame Produced by SVR Media, and Music is Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, BGM is the main thing For the Movie.

Iím not in competition with anybody: Ajith

Heís known as the undisputed king of opening. And heís one star who lets his films do the talking rather than him. Heís also hailed as a gentleman by co-stars and a fab cook.

Thala Ajith celebrated his 41st birthday on May 1 and did a quick retrospection with Coimbatore Times of his 20-year career, passions and more. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Itís been 20 years and 50 films. How has the journey been so far?
No regrets. Yes, I have made good decisions, bad decisions; done good films, bad films. Iíve met some wonderful people and been through some very traumatic experiences but I guess thatís whatís made me the person that I am today. So definitely, no regrets. I have become a fatalist in life so I donít try to set goals. I believe life is a gift and I want to live it productively. I am not into this numbers game. I am not in competition with anybody; I just want to be productive. Itís as simple as that.

Is there any role you feel you havenít explored yet or wish to do?
I believe in this saying that Ďin every grain of rice, our name is writtení. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be, so why fret? What is now, is what it is.

Do you feel that way about the films you sign now?
If we all knew what the formula was, everybody would have a 100 per cent strike rate. Itís all about things falling into place. There are so many factors that influence the way a film is made and so many reasons why a film is made, sometimes even for the wrong reasons. Itís a combination. You canít be generic about this question.

So what is your criterion for choosing to do a film?
My compatibility with the producer and director first. If I canít vibe well with them for five minutes, thereís no way I can spend 50 days of my life with them and vice-versa. No matter how much they are willing to pay or not pay, compatibility is a very important issue for me.

And what about the script?
The script is important too. The final call is always with the producer and director. I never, ever interfere. I may improvise a certain scene but the right of refusal lies with my producer and director.

I read somewhere that ĎAjith has a tendency to speak his mind which sometimes lands him in controversiesí. Whatís your take on this?
I am pretty expressive with my emotions. I donít think something and say something else. I donít know if itís something I should be proud of or to watch out for. Maybe I am not politically correct. I donít know if thatís a crime.

As far as Bollywood goes, you did only Asoka. Was it a conscious decision not to do Hindi films?
I donít think so much in foresight, I just live for the moment. Honestly, nothing happened. Maybe Asoka happened because Santosh Sivan wanted me to be a part of it. May be nothing serious came after that, so why worry about it or regret it? I am happy.

Vijay said that he and you were friends off-screen and any apparent rivalry was only on-screen. Is that true of everyone in the industry? I am sure thatís true for everyone. Sangeetha and Shalini bond very well and our kids spend time together. Professionally also we are pretty much set. I donít see what the problem is. It hurts me to see fans posting very lewd comments about each other. I hope it stops. Itís appalling for a common person to see such comments on social networking sites. Professional competition will always be there between different genres of actors. But to make personal, lewd comments, it doesnít go down well. That should stop. Whoever does it first, will be looked upon.

Shah Rukh thinks very highly of you, are you friends?
I respect him as an actor; heís come from very humble beginnings to be where he is today. From what I saw during the making of Asoka, heís extremely hardworking. Itís a quality which I admire in people. We havenít really kept in touch but he did call me when we were in Mumbai shooting for Mankatha.

You have seen a lot of ups and downs over the years. How supportive has your wife been? Shalini was an extremely successful actress herself.
Sheís been extremely supportive. Itís a very cliched thing to say that sheís my biggest critic, but to be very honest, she has given me the freedom to take my own decisions without trying to influence me or interfere in any way. Iím happy that I have a spouse who believes in me. But, yes, I let her share her doubts and I seek her opinion on what she feels. I value her opinion. When things are going well, a lot of people want to be a part of it, everyone wants a piece of the cake. But when we go through traumatic experiences, there are very few people who stand by you like family and friends. Sheís been there always and we have been married for 12 years. In fact, on April 24, we completed 12 years of married life. Iím not an easy person to live with. (Smiles)

In your last interview with CT, you said that you preferred keeping your natural grey. Does that still hold good?
A lot of credit for that goes to Venkat Prabhu. Itís very important for a director to be ballsy enough to say, ĎIím comfortable with you coming as your natural selfí. The credit goes to him as he believed in the script and said, ĎI donít mind my protagonist playing his ageí. Again, for Vishnuís film, Iíll be playing my age and we have a stylist on board who will give me a very different look from Mankatha. Iím looking forward to it.

Your next film is with the original Billa team Ė Vishnuvardhan and Nayanthara.
I look forward to working with Vishnu. Mr Rathnam, the producer, needs no introduction. There are a lot of expectations. We plan to release the film this Deepavali. I believe Arya is also on board. We are just waiting for the official announcement from the producer. After this, I start the Vijaya Productionsí film with Siruthai Siva.

The rumour is that you are doing a movie with Gautham Menon.
No comments.

You have a lot of passions other than cinema. Racing played a big role in your life and you took breaks in between from movies to focus on that. Do you think that was a good move?
As I told you, no regrets. I indulged in things that I wanted to do. Racing was something I indulged in even before I became an actor. Iím fortunate enough to have been able to pursue something that I dreamt of and made it a reality rather than spend my twilight years sitting in a rocking chair and thinking, ĎI wish I could have done thatí. I am happy that I fulfilled my dreams. Aeromodelling again is something I did before I came into films. I have certificates when I was an NCC cadet in 1983-84, where it says I am very good at aeromodelling and rifle shooting. You know, boys will be boys. I donít think itís something special. I didnít let the child in me die, itís still alive!

Are you happy with what you achieved in racing?
Yes, in terms of my own abilities, I am happy with what I have achieved. Given the fact that I started very late, with 15 surgeries and five on my spine alone, and to have participated at the highest level apart from Formula 1, which is Formula 2. I think with my abilities, I have performed exceptionally well. I am very proud. Now, F1 has come to India and we have two F1 drivers Ė Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok. We have an F1 Indian team and Armaan Ebrahim. Who would have thought a decade earlier that F1 would come to India? Iím not trying to stake claim, but motorsports is growing in our country and I am happy to be a part of it in some way.

Do you have any plans of getting back to racing?
Itís not on my radar right now, but I donít know what the future holds.

You also have one more passion which is cooking. Your co-stars and unit members always rave about how you cooked them a nice meal, especially biryani. How did it start?
Obviously, our mother made sure all the boys knew cooking. We would help her out during summer vacations. She would teach us how to roll chapattis and cook curries. Thatís how we learnt. My father is also a great cook. Our get-togethers are such that our parents come and cook and we all serve ourselves. Itís never been that we call guests and get food from outside. I guess that kind of rubbed off on us. Even when I call my friends over today, I make sure I cook a meal for them. I remember that I started cooking on sets way back in 1995-96. And I want to thank all those who tweeted and spoke highly about my cooking.

Is biryani your signature dish?
I am OK with cooking anything. I have a habit Ė when I go to a restaurant and if I like something Iíve eaten, I request the chef to share the recipe. I make sure I then try it out at home, before I make it for guests.

Any resolutions on your birthday?
No resolutions, but just a request to all my fans and those who have been following me for 20 years, be happy and live and let live!

Mankatha for Diwali

Thala Ajith fans if youíre all excitedly waiting for Thalaís golden jubilee movie Mankatha, then thereís a long way to go. According to the inside reports, the film was supposed to be aired in Sun TV on May 1 as a special program for the occasion of May Day, which happens to be Ajithís birthday.

However on the spur of moment, the decision has been changed as the channel doesnít hold any big movies except Billa-2, which will be aired only after a year.

Thereby, Mankatha will be aired in Sun TV only for the festive occasion of Diwali and Rajapattai has taken a front seat for May Day program.

It is worth mentioning thereís gonna be a great clash between the satellite channels for this occasion as Vijay TV brings Nanban, Kalaignar TV with Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and Rajapattai in Sun TV.

Ajith's Billa 2 to release one song everyday from today till 1st May

While releasing a single has been a trend that was set by Yuvan Shankar Raja with Ajith's Mankatha, later which the trend was caught on by other music directors and producers, now yet again Ajith's Billa 2 is creating another trend.

The teaser which was released on April 13th ( Tamil News Year's Day), has already created a record with the number of views on Youtube. Now the film's audio launch, which is eagerly awaited by the fans of the ultimate star Ajith is again looking out for creating a new trend as well as hit a record.

Sony Music who did the much talked about Viral marketing for Dhanush's 3 song 'Why This Kolvaeri Di', is now eying Thala Ajith's Billa 2, which is already a hot movie with over 26.5 crores sold out for distribution rights.

The latest news is that Sony Music will present a glimpse of the 4 songs beginning April 25th 2012 (today) for the music fans across social / viral platforms and radio.

Finally the Audio Launch will take place on the 1st of May which is also Ajithís Birthday!

By featuring a new song every day, Sony Music breaks away from the norm of featuring one song per week.

The symphonic tunes, composed by music director Yuvan Shankar Raja have been sung by Stefny, Shweta Pandit, Tanvi Shah, Suvi Suresh, Andrea Jeremiah and Ranjith.

Ashok Parwani, Head, Sony Music South informs media, ďBilla was extremely successful and people are now eagerly waiting for Billa 2. By showcasing a new song each day, weíre giving the fans something to look forward to every single day. Weíre tapping on Ajithís popularity and weíre confident that everyone will truly appreciate the idea of this visual treat.Ē

Ajith Billa2 Track List is here !!

Ajith starrer Billa2 audio is all set to launch on May 1st, Thalaís Birthday treat to his fans cast Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah in the female leads.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is going to present five Tracks for upcoming film Billa 2 has all varieties of tracks included in its album, a peppy number and a romantic song along with an item number incorporated in it. Check out Billa 2 track list hereÖ

01 Gangster - Yuvan Shankar Raja and Stefny
02 Idhayam - Shweta Pandit
03 Yedho Mayakkam - Yuvan Shankar Raja, Tanvi Shah and Suvi Suresh
04 Madurai Ponnu - Andrea Jeremiah
05 Unakkulle Mirugam - Ranjith
06 Theme Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja