Something Something Review

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idlerelax Rating :3.0/5
Director : Sathya.
Producer : Subrahmanyam, Suresh
Starring : Siddharth, Hansika Motwani.

Story:Kumar (Siddharth) works in an IT firm and is a shy, introvert who finds it difficult to strike a conversation with a female and Sanjana (Hansika) is his colleague , is smitten by her beauty. To improve his self-confidence and be smart he takes the help of a Love Guru Premji (Brahmanandam) who advices him on how to win over Sanjana. With a little twistlike familiar family accident scene. How Siddhardh wins Hansikaís love forms the story..

Performance:Sidharth has excelled in the comic role , Hansika brings the the extra Oomph factor for the movie, she has a meaty role, looks a million bucks with her lovely innocence and glamour.

Brahmanandam as Love Guru Premji brings the house down with his hilarious comedy, His comic timing and dialogue delivery is terrific. Samantha and Rana in guest roles are good.

Technical:Music by C.Sathya is fresh with some catchy tunes, choregraphy is good, Gopiís camerawork is passable . Sundar C. direction worked out yet again with his comic touch to bring best comedy out of actors. Praveen and Srikanthís editing is racy.

Analysis:Something Something is a predictable plot with minor hiccups . With refreshing comedy like Bosskeys scooter break-down & rumour spreading within seconds at office are really refreshing. The climax was very common and predicable with hero apologizing heroine and a airport scene to stop her from taking a flight. Over all the movie is mixture of comedy and commercial elements.

Verdict:Watch it for guaranteed laughter