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Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review

idlerelax Rating : 3.0/5

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Director : Directed: E. Satti Babu
Music Director : Koti
Producer : Chanti Addala
Starring : Allari Naresh,Richa Panai, Sayaji Shinde, Ramya Krishna, Naresh and others…

Story: Naresh (Allari Naresh ) born as pre mature baby without any Thalaratha because of the creator Lord Brhama technical error. He turns immortal . Naresh is interested in playing stage plays. One day Yamaja(Richa Panay) the daughter of Lord Yama (Shivaji sinde) in a Swayamvaram act gets married with Naresh which was intentionally set by Narada Maharshi’s ( senior Naresh) . She falls in love, Yama hates their love sends his son along with Chitra Gupta . Both of them try to bring gap between them but fails.

Later Yama himself lands on earth takes her daughter back to Yamalokam and Naresh also travels along with them holding the tail of byson(vehicle of Yama) reaches the Yama Lokam. How he manages to get back his love? … forms the story.

Performance: Allari Naresh as usual hilarious , His comdey timing is superb. Heroine Richa Panai is good & glamours . Ramaya Krishna is just ok, Shivaji Shinde is not perfect for the role , his body language did not suit for the role. Other roles like Master Bharat as Young Yama, Chitra Gupta By Krishna Bhagavan are entertaining.

Technical: Music by Koti is average, dialogues by Kranthi are good, cinematography by Ravindra babu is good, Yama’set is good, Satti Babu’s direction is good despite of some routine lags in the movie.

Analysis: The first half is very entertaining , Naresh as Mahesh babu in Pokiri is hilarious. The pace in first half is good. The second half lacks entertainment and pace , Chiranjeevi’s famous number Atto Attamma Kutura is well picturised . The plot in second half is routine and predictable . The climax is very weak . Overall its a one time watch movie.

Highlights: Naresh screen presence
Dana Veera Soora Karna spoof

Draw backs Predicable story
slow pace in 2nd half

Verdict: One time watch- Time Pass