Allari Naresh

Hero Nani ragging Allari Naresh

Allari Naresh’s current project ‘Kevvu Keka’ has finished all its schedules and is in post production activity and went for a audio launch event which happens to be the birthday of Allari Naresh.

The main highlight of the event is anchor Anasuya asking the young heroes about Naresh’s age . Even Hero Nani is ragging Allari Naresh asking secrets of Naresh and their Kevvu Keka moment was very Interesting and entertaining.

Sharmila Mandre is in the female lead,with main supporting roles played by M S Narayana, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Kiran Rathod, Jeeva and Geetha Singh.

Devi Prasad has directed the movie with the musical support of Chinni Charan.Boppana Chandrasekhar is the producer on Jahnavi Productions Banner.

Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review

Allari Naresh betting big on Yamudiki Mogudu

Comedy King Allari Naresh is betting big on his upcoming socio fantasy entertainer ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’. Naresh is reportedly quite pleased with the way the movie has shaped up and he is expecting the film to add to the success of his last film ‘Sudigaadu’. The movie is a socio fantasy entertainer with a good dose of comedy and Naresh’s antics are expected to add to the entertainment quotient.

The film’s story is different from other ‘Yama’ films as Naresh will be seen romancing the daughter of Lord Yamadharma Raja. Richa Panai will be seen as Naresh’s love interest while Shayaji Shinde will be seen as Lord Yama.

The movie is gearing up to hit the screens this week and Koti has scored the music. Sattibabu is the director of this movie and Chanti Addala is the producer.

'Yamudiki Mogudu' release got preponed

Sudden Star Allar Naresh’s socio-fantasy and comedy film “Yamudiki Mogudu” which has a tagline Ee Nela Thakkuvodu ,has got preponed in its release date. Earlier it was announced that this movie will be released on 28th Dec, but with the latest developments it’s been preponed to get released on 27th Dec, 2012. This movie was submitted at censor board for certification and makers are expecting a clean “U” rating.

This film is set on Yamalokam backdrop and Sayaji Shinde will play the role of Yama while popular actress Ramya Krishna would be playing the role of Yama's wife. A new girl Richa Panai is making her debut into Telugu films as heroine opposite Naresh in this movie.

Makers of this film not only used Chiranjeevi’s film title but also remixed his popular song "Attho Atthamma Koothuro" from Alluda Majaka movie.Technical team of this film is filled with direction & screenplay by E. Satti Babu,music by Koti ,cinematography by Ravindra Babu ,editing by Gautham Raju and Chanti Addala has produced this movie under Friendly Movies banner.

Yamudiki Mogudu censor report

Allari Naresh starrer Yamudiki Mogudu is all set to release on December 28 has been censored today.

The film is awarded by ‘U/A’ with some cuts and mutes for double meaning dialogues. Richa Panai is playing the female lead in the movie touted to be a socio-fantasy entertainer. Ramya Krishna is playing as Naresh’s mother-on-law role while Shayaji Shinde will be seen as Lord Yama in the film. For the first time in Yama series movies, Naresh will reach the Yamalokam with his human body catching the tail of Yama’s Ox.

As reports say, the movie has enough stuff to entertain the audience and the box office depends on how audience will take it as the movie comes with predicted storyline. Directed by E Sattibabu, Chanti Addala is producing it. Music by Koti. The film has the remix track of Chiranjeevi’s super hit track ‘Attho Atthammakuthuro..’ which is a highlight.

Comedy Hero Ability To Satisfy Mega Fans

After scoring a super hit with 'Sudigadu', Allari Naresh became a Box Office thunder and his latest offering is 'Yamuduki Mogudu'. But, can he satisfy Mega fans through this movie regarding that negative talk we hear in Film Nagar?

Already Naresh took the title 'Yamudki Mogudu' from Chiru's movie and also 'Atho Athamma Kooturo' song from Alluda Majaaka. There is a talk that he has also taken 'Samaajika Nyayam' concept from Chiru and is using it vividly in the movie. The story revolves around Naresh's fighting in Yama Lokam in order to bring social justice to everyone. But Naresh will be doing that in funny tone and that is facing the ire of Mega Fans now. They feel that Naresh is going to make fun of that concept and it will look like a satire on Chiru rather praising his ideology.

Can Naresh do satisfy Mega fans by using that 'Samajika Nyayam' concept in an effective way? Otherwise he will be yielding the grudge of this largest fanbase for life. Let us see.

Naresh eyeing on Tamil remake

Sudden star Allari Naresh after super hit film Sudigadu which is a tamil remake is eyeing on another remake of a recent hit Tamil film titled Naduvala Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom .

This movie is about a guy who suffers memory loss few days before his marriage and the incidents take place are very hilarious . The film’s Tamil version was directed by newcomer Balaji Tharaneetharan and Vijay Sethupathi played the lead role.

Allari Naresh is busy shooting for Kevvu Keka and his Yamudiki Mogudu which is going for Censor today is getting ready soon.

Yamudiki Mogudu with 70 mins

Allari Naresh-starrer latest graphical entertainer Yamudiki Mogudu is scheduled for release on December 22.

The post-production works of the film are almost done and director E Sattibabu exudes confidence about the project. This comic film also has Chiranjeevi’s famous song ‘Atto Attamma Kutura’ remixed from the hit film Alluda Mazaka. The song was picturised on Naresh, Richa Panai and Ramya Krishna. It also has 70 minutes CG.

Produced by Chanti Addala on Friendly Movies banner, Sayaji Shinde will be seen in the role of Yama and Ramyakrishna will play his wife. Richa Panai played another important role.

Allari Naresh new film audio in Nov 2nd week

Sudden star Allari Naresh upcoming film Yamudiki Mogudu audio is going to be released in second week of Nov, 2012. Megastar Chiranjeevi garu is going to release the audio of this movie said this film maker Chanti Adala. Koti has scored the music and E Satthi Babu is directing this movie.

Naresh is paired with a new face Richa Panai as his heroine in this flick. Rest of the technical team is filled with editing by Gautham Raju, camera work by K Ravindra Babu and dialogues by Kranthi Reddy.

Allari Naresh becomes too pricey

Comedy star Allari Naresh might be following the adage 'may hay while the sun shines' after the stupendous success of Sudigadu, but his producers and the buyers weren't too happy with the sudden increase of his pay package.

Naresh who used to charge Rs 1.5 crore per film until recently has now been quoting Rs 2.5 crores for all his future films. Sudigadu was made with a budget of Rs 8 crores, which is touted to be highest in Naresh's career. The pre-release buzz, positive reviews and the word of mouth helped the film to collect at least double the investment.

Sudigadu success has increased the business range of Naresh. His next flick Yamudiki Mogudu has done a pre-release business of Rs 12 crores, shocking the trade pundits. The hype over the spoofs opened the doors for wide release and expanded the business of Naresh's film from Rs 10 lakhs to over Rs 50 lakhs in Overseas market, but will this repeat for all his films is a million dollar question. Allari Naresh has been like a gold mine for small producers till now, but the growing budgets may become a huge burden for the buyers and the recovery of investments will be a herculean task if his future films fails to get positive mouth talk. Testing time for SUDDEN STAR!

Rajinikanth praises Sudigadu

Sudden Star Allari Naresh’s ‘Sudigadu’ is still doing decent business at BO. Many Industry biggies appreciated the actor and the director Bheemineni for making such a hilarious movie. South Super Star Rajinikanth who got to know about the movie, requested the makers to arrange a special show for him. Who refuses, when it was Rajinikanth! The producers feel it as honor and organized a digital screening for the Super Star at his house using Qube Technology.

After watching the film, Rajinikanth reportedly liked the cinema and appreciated the actor and the makers. Rajini said that, Telugu version is much better than the original version ‘Thamizh Padam’. Bheemineni couldn’t believe this and expressed his happiness. Interestingly, Naresh even imitated Rajini as Robo. What more a hero or director needs other than appreciations from the legendary stars like Rajini.

Sudigadu like GabbarSingh and Dookudur

Comedy star Allari Naresh claims that his latest hit film Sudigadu is like the Dookudu and Gabbar Singh of small-budget movies.

“Those were big-budget hits, but mine is a big success among the small movies,” points out the actor, who believes that the hilarious entertainer received an overwhelming response.

“Our idea was just to evoke fun and it was nothing serious. It paid off and now I’d like to avoid doing spoofs for a while,” he adds.

The actor has also bounced back into the reckoning after duds such as Madathakhaja

‘Sudigadu’ approaching Rs 20 crores!!r

One of the recent releases is Sudigadu and from the time it was being made, the talk was quite positive. The film is now meeting the expectations and is getting some crazy collections at the box office. According to the recent information, the film is expected to touch Rs 20 crores which is crazy.

So far, Allari Naresh was considered the best hero for the B, C center audience but with Sudigadu’s new collections, he has also become the darling for the family audience and multiplex viewers also. Reports also say that the glamour of Monal Gajjar was another reason for crowd pulling in theatres.

The buyers and distributors are laughing their way to the bank to collect the fat bank balances. This is also the biggest collection ever for Allari Naresh in his career. The film is the remake of the Tamil movie Tamizh Padam and director Bheemaneni Sreenivasa Rao is now the hot property in Tollywood.

Sudigadu 1st week AP Collections Share

NIZAM – 3.30 Cr
CEDED – 1.52 Cr
NELLORE – 0.24 Cr
KRISHNA – 0.49 Cr
GUNTUR – 0.68 Cr
VIZAG – 0.86 Cr

Sudigadu (AP) 1st week collections Share – 8.10 crores

Sudigaadu – a landmark film for Sudden Star

‘Sudigaadu’ is a landmark film for Comedy King Allari Naresh, sorry, Sudden Star Allari Naresh in many ways. The movie has not only elevated his career and success graph, it has also opened new markets and new commercial possibilities for him.

This is the first Allari Naresh movie to do so well in overseas territories and in a few countries, this is the first ever Allari Naresh film to be screened. The movie’s phenomenal openings and good collections have also cemented Allari Naresh’s status as a minimum guarantee star.

One industry analyst remarked “If Allari Naresh sticks to making films in this budget, he will surely be a modern day replacement for Rajendra Prasad of the late 80's and 90's. People are starved for genuine humour and producers need a safe hero. Allari Naresh is slowly filling up that need”.

With such favourable responses coming his way, Naresh surely is one very happy and excited hero.

Sudigadu 3 days AP Collections share !!

NIZAM – 1.98 Cr
CEDED – 1.12 Cr
NELLORE – 0.17 Cr
KRISHNA – 0.38 Cr
GUNTUR – 0.46 Cr
VIZAG – 0.52 Cr

Sudigadu (AP) 3 days SHARE – 5.26 crores

Sudigadu Big Satire on Mahesh Babu

One of the most high expectations movie Sudigadu finally released, The Suspense created through the terrific trailer comes to an end on this Friday. Sudigadu is the former film in Telugu film industry, making a movie with Spoofs which made a gigantic Risk by Director.
The Movie gets more Popularity with Emulating Tollywood Top Stars like Pawan Kalyan, Jr NTR, Ram Charan Mahesh and more. Coming to Movie Pawan Kalyan has three scenes imitating his dialogues in Gabbar Singh and a Scene in Tammudu Movie and Jr NTR got imitated with three dialogues of his movies Dammu Oosaravelli and Brundavanam.
But Mahesh got a lot Spoofs over all them when comparing. And Make a Big Comedy Over Mahesh Babu Scenes. The Stared with Pokiri Businessman and Dookudu. In the Movies Climax there was great fun with Mahesh Krishna Manohar Character and Naresh as Satya Manohar. In the directors also only Puri Got a Small Satire. And in Fighting Scenes also crooning with Dookudu Music. In the trailer also they made spoof on Mahesh babu’s dookudu movie collections and used the same font for representing collections of both the movies. After watching this is an undoubtedly satire from allari naresh and his director on Mahesh Babu. Finally Mahesh Babu Movies and His Dialouges Makes Fun a lot. After Watching the Movie People will have a Minute doubt on targeting Mahesh characters more than other Top Heroes.

Sudigadu Pre-Release Report

Comedy Hero Allari Naresh becomes the king of box office with his upcoming film ‘Sudigadu’. As per the inner sources, the film’s distribution rights have been sold for record price as the recent release trailer got viral response. The film went for censor certification yesterday and it received a U/A certificate and it is heard that the censor authorities have appreciated the makers for making such an entertaining movie.

Though Sudigadu is an official remake of Tamil super hit ‘Thamizh Padam’, director Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao made maximum changes to the script to suit the Telugu nativity. The film has been carrying positive talk in the Industry and as per the unit sources the film will sure to score a big hit like Tamil version. Doing parody of other films is common, but they spoofed nearly 100 Telugu hit films. We need not to worry about the entertainment. Sudigadu is all set to hit the screens on August 24th.

Sudigagu Overseas by Vedha Movies, Inc

Sudigadu (tag line ‘Oka ticket tho 100 cinemalu’) is an upcoming Telugu comedy film directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao and produced by Chandrasekhar D Reddy under Arundathi Movies. This film is a remake of Tamil super hit film Thamizh Padam. The film features Allari Naresh and Monal Gajjar in the lead roles. Allari Naresh plays double roles in this movie as father and son. All your favorite comedians Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana, Chalapathi Rao, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Posani Krishnamurali, LB Sriram, Kondavalasa, Shayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagavan, Venumadhav and Jeeva are in this movie. This a full family entertainer and a MUST watch movie.

Our sincere thanks to producer Chadra Sekhar Reddy for giving us this opportunity.

For screening in your local areas please contact:
Nagesh Avula- (848) 219 3807
Pavan Kondapally- (954) 621 5358

Sudigadu surprise package of August?

Comedy King Allari Naresh’s ‘Sudigaadu’ could very well be the surprise successful package of August. The movie is said to be a hilarious spoof on the most successful Telugu cinemas of all time and none of the major heroes have been spared. All this has been done in good humour and in a positive way, therefore the buzz on the project is quite high.

August has a slew of big releases and while attention is focused more on those films, ‘Sudigaadu’ might end up upsetting the plans of the big budget releases if movie lovers connect to the concept. Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao is the director of this movie and Chandrasekhar Reddy is producing this project. Music has been scored by Srivasanth.

Allari Naresh’s socio fantasy film completes schedule

Comedy King Allari Naresh’s new socio fantasy movie has completed a schedule and all the sequences involving a Yamalokam set have been wrapped up. Shooting will resume on August 10th in Palakollu and surrounding areas. Richa Panai is making her debut as a heroine in this movie and veteran actress Ramya Krishna will also be seen in the film.

Chanti Addala is the producer of this movie and E. Satti Babu is the director. Koti is scoring the tunes for this movie. Brahmanandam, Naresh, M.S.Narayana, Giri Babu and other senior artistes are essaying key roles in this movie.

Allari Naresh targets Balakrishna

Comedy star Allari Naresh's upcoming film 'Sudigadu - Oka Ticket Pi 100 Cinemalu' is already generating a huge buzz in the film circles as it's has got many spoofs of Tollywood big ticket films. One such hilarious spoof in the film is that of Balakrishna stopping a train with his finger in Palnati Brahmanaidu.

When quizzed about the spoof, Director Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao said that his intention is to a make a film which will be like a library for what shouldn't be there. "We have many films for reference to show how a film should be like. But, my film is intended to show how a film shouldn't be like. People are fed up with age-old ideas our filmmakers have been using even Today," he revealed.

Although the film unit has been claiming that they have avoided personal attacks, poking fun at their stars mayn't go well will the fans. How of the fans of Balayya will react to the spoof is the big question now. Will this Sudigadu remain as a clean entertainer or end up as controversial film to be known in coming days.

Allari Naresh’s Sudigaadu makes a big splash

Allari Naresh’s upcoming film Sudigaadu has caught the attention of a lot of people. Soon after the film’s first look was unveiled, people began discussing about the spoofs in the film and the response was unanimous that this is going to be a rocking entertainer. The film’s trailer took a dig at several hit films and dialogues. Already there’s lot of curiosity to see what else is in store in the film. Bheeemineni Srinivasa Rao has directed the film and it’s the remake of a Tamil titled Tamizh Padam. Allari Naresh and Monal Gajjar have played the lead roles. Sri Vasanth has composed the music. The film is expected to release in the third week of August.

Allari Naresh Socio Fantasy Film in RFC

Actor Allari Naresh's upcoming movie under the direction of E Satti Babu is being shot in Ramoji Film City currently. Director Satti Babu said that the film is a socio-fantasy entertainer and 11 special sets are being used for the movie to make sure that the visuals look grand. Sayaji Shinde is playing the Yama's role and Ramya Krishna will be seen as his wife. Senior actors Naresh, Giri Babu and comedians Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagwan will be seen in important roles. Ravindra Babu is handling the cinematography and Koti is the music director.

Allari Naresh’s new movie is Dorakadu

‘Comedy King’ Allari Naresh’s new movie under the direction of G Nageshwar Reddy is titled “Dorakadu”. It is evident that Allari Naresh’s films have amusing titles, although it is unclear whether the actor chooses to act in films that have funny titles or that his films are given funny titles.

This time for “Dorakadu”, the actor is teaming up with G.Nageswara Reddy again to recreate the magic of Seema Sastry and Seema Tapakai. Ammi Raju, Allari Naresh’s manager, is producing the film under Siri Cinema Banner. Dorakadu is expected to commence shooting on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dasami in October. The search for the heroine is on.

Allari Naresh’s ‘Action’ at Pragathi Resorts

Comedy King Allari Naresh’s 3D film, ‘Action’, is currently being shot at Pragathi Resorts in Hyderabad. Shooting is going on at a brisk pace and Anil Sunkara, one of the producers of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘Dookudu’, is making his debut as a director with this movie. The film is being shot with high technical values and some expensive new equipment has been imported for the project.

Apart from Allari Naresh, Kick Shyam, Vaibhav and Raju Sundaram are the other male leads in this action entertainer.Sneha Ullal and Kamna Jethmalani will be seen as the heroines and AK Entertainments banner is producing this big budget flick.Bappa Lahari, son of Bappi Lahari, is composing the music while background score will be rendered by Thaman.

Sudigaadu’s audio launch in June 2nd week

The audio of Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar starrer Sudigaadu will be launched in the second week of June. Recently, an item number, which has lyrics like Gaji Biji Gatukula Roadlo, was shot on Allari Naresh and Rachna Maurya at a pub in Hyderabad. Most part of the film’s shooting has already been completed and the film’s post production is going on at a brisk pace. Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao is directing the film and D Chandrasekhara Reddy is producing it. The film is a remake of Tamizh Padam and it’s being touted as a complete laugh riot. Allari Naresh even crooned few lines for a song Zara Zara in this film. Sri Vasanth has composed the music. The film is expected to hit the screens in the last week of June.

Allari Naresh Sudigadu First Look

Allari Naresh Sudigadu First Look : The first look of Allari Naresh Sudigadu is here! 'Sudigadu' is a remake of Tamil movie 'Tamizh Padam'. Shooting part of the movie is already completed and Bheemaneni Srinivasa Rao is directing this movie. Monal Gajjar is paired opposite to Allari Naresh in this spoof comedy entertainer. Sri Vasanth is composing the music and D.Chandrasekhar Reddy is producing this movie. Producer is planning to release 'Sudigadu' in the month of June

Allari Naresh pins high hopes on Sudigadu

Comedy star Allari Naresh is all set to release his upcoming movie Sudigadu, which features Monal Gajjar alongside him. Directed by Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao, the film is a remake of the hit Tamil flick Thamizh Padam. The shooting of the movie is already finished and it is expected to hit the screens in June.

Talking about the film Sudigadu, Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao says that it is a parody mockumentary comedy film, which takes a comical dig at some of the clichés that a typical Telugu cinema hero would follow. He adds, “This film is going to be a hilarious one, right from the beginning to end.”

However, Sudigadu is produced by D Chandrasekhar and Sri Vasanth has composed music for it. Allari Naresh is playing youth named Sudigadu, who is destined for greatness and punishes criminals in secret. The actor has finished filming for his portions. Since he does not have any big hit in the recent past, he has pinned lots of hope on it.

Allari Naresh croons for Sudigadu

Allari Naresh now joins the elite club of actors turned singers in Tollywood like Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Siddharth and others. He is singing for his upcoming movie, Sudigadu directed by Bheemineni Srinvas Rao. The movie is said to be a remake of Tamil movie, Padam.

The movie is said to have turned our hilarious with spoofs on several big heros. The movie will hit screens in the last week of May. Off late, Allari Naresh had suffered severe setbacks at the box office with several movies turning out to be duds. So, now he had pinned high hopes on this movie for success.

Ramanaidu at Allari Naresh New Movie

Tollywood star Allari Naresh' upcoming untitled Telugu flick was launched in Hyderabad recently by veteran film producer Ramanaidu and Dasari Narayana Rao. The launch which took place at the movie's sets had Allari Naresh, heroine Richa Panai, Dasari Narayana Rao, D Ramanaidu, Dil Raju and Achi Reddy.