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Engineering Colleges List

Notification for engineering counselling is going to be released within short period. Web counselling will be conducted as like the previous year. There will be no difficulty in the process of web counselling for the candidates when they develop awareness on the process. Experts are suggesting candidates not to go for giving options directly without having command on the procedure. It is enough to have a bit of practice at the home. The details given in the forms, like social status, regional status, male or female details, income details have to be confirmed by the student. One should remember that the income proof certificate submitted at the time of counselling will be considered for the reimbursement, scholarships and others. Those who submit fake certificates will not only lose the seat, but also has to undergo some punishments.

When candidates appear at the help lines for the verification of certificates, the below given guidelines have to be followed necessarily.

First stage:

Registration of candidates for the verification of certificates.

  1. Announcement will be given by respective officers at the help lines.
  2. Candidates have to move in queue, and have to submit rank card to the respective officer at the entrance.
  3. Candidates have to wait till they are called into registration room.
  4. As soon as the candidate’s rank is called for, he or she should pay the registration and counselling fee and have to obtain a receipt for the same.
  5. Registration and verification form have to be obtained from the computer operator of registration counter.
  6. Candidate has to give their details like hall ticket number, rank and other details at the register and has to sign.
  7. This completes the registration process. One has to wait in the registration room for the announcement of certificate verification process.
  8. As soon as the announcement is made for certificate verification, one has to move to the verification counter with his/her certificates.

Second stage:

Certificate verification

  1. One has to check the details printed on the registration and verification forms such as name, local area, sex category, date of birth and others.
  2. If any mistakes are found, they have to be corrected with the verification officer.
  3. SC/ ST/ BD category students have to submit their original caste certificates to the cast verification officer for verification.

After that, one has to get their other certificates verified with the other verification officer, such as rank card, hall ticket, marks memo, study certificates, income certificates and others.

  1. OC category students can directly go to certificate verification officer. Officers will verify all the certificates of the candidates.
  2. Officers after taking the certificates from the candidates, will give printed receipts for checking. If any doubts arise in this regard, one can reach main verification officer. After that, candidate has to sign on the receipt.
  3. After that, candidates need to go to briefing hall for the listening to the suggestion on making preferences.

Third stage:

Tips on selecting preferences….

  1. Arranging the order of colleges and courses selected by the candidates, in an order of preference is called ‘Exercising Options in order of Preference’.
  2. Candidate has to obtain following forms from the briefing officer.
  1. College code list
  2. Course code list
  3. Specimen option form
  1. Officer at the briefing room will explain the process of exercising options and filling specimen option form.

Forth stage:

Candidates have to follow the below given points while making preferences.

  1. Candidate has to consult his or her parents while selecting the college and course.
  2. In the specimen option form, one has to enter the preference number against the desired college code and desired course code.


If a candidate wants to get admitted into ECE course in JNTU College, he or she has to write
(1)in the box given at the ECE branch option beside the college name. if he or she doesn’t get the seat in that college and that course, based on their rank and category, then second college course has also to be indicated.


If the candidate wants to get admitted in the civil engineering branch in OUCE, he or she has to indicate (2) at the box near OUCE civil.


Candidate has to give more number of options according to the last ranks of the last year counselling. If less number of options are given, there are chances of losing the seat.

To give the preferences through internet, filled in specimen option form is necessary.

Fifth stage:

Process of giving preferences through internet

  1. Based on the already filled in specimen option form, candidate has to enter their desired college and course preferences at their home or from internet cafe or at the help line centers, by entering the details on the computer screen.


Candidates can see the same options on the computer screen as like on the specimen option form. If the candidates is not able to enter the option numbers on the computer screen, he or she can take the help of computer operator. Password has to be entered only by candidate.

  1. Save the entered option numbers regularly. This suggestion has also to be followed by computer operator.

To enter the preferences on the computer screen, follow this method:

  1. Candidate has to complete certificate verification.
  2. Website address or URL has to be given as www. or the one that is indicated in the notification.
  3. Information required for giving the preferences will be given on the home page. ‘Candidate registration’ option has to be used for web counselling and ‘Candidates Login Options’ has to be used for giving preferences.
  4. Before choosing the option, ‘ Candidate login option’, one has to complete the process of ‘Candidates registration’.
  5. By clicking on the ‘candidates registration’ option, one has to give the following information.
  6. enter the password of minimum 6 characters, containing at least one number, in the ‘enter password’ box. For example, SESHU1, MAIL24, APSCHE2, Balaji_23Y.
    The above password has to be entered again in the ‘re-enter password’ box.
    Click on ‘Save’ for saving the password.
    To complete the process of registration, click on ‘logout; and get in to the home page again.

Regarding the selection of options:

  1. ‘Candidate Login’ has been setup for giving options.
  2. Click on ‘sign in’ after giving the details of ‘registration number, hall ticket no. password, date of birth’.
  3. Read all the instructions given on the screen. Read the declaration also. After that, by clicking on the ‘option entry form’ or ‘help screen’, one can see the ‘menu items’ on the screen.
  4. After reading the ‘menu items’ completely, click the button ‘click here to enter options’ and one can see the names of different districts along with check boxes. Before this, even by clicking on the option entry form on the screen, districts information can be seen.
  5. To know details of the colleges in a particular district, select that district. Then the colleges in those districts will be seen on the screen. All the colleges of all the districts can be seen on the screen by selecting ‘select all’ option.
  6. Screen of making preferences or options, can be seen by clicking on the ‘display option entry form’.
  7. Engineering courses are seen in four (04) groups, on the screen.
  8. Screen – 1: BIO, CIV, CSE, ECE, INF, EEE, MEC
    Screen -4: PHD, PHM
  9. According to the filled in specimen form, college and course options or preferences have to be entered at the boxes seen on the computer screen.
  10. Candidates can discuss with their parents and others to fill in the specimen form with preference order. It is not advisable to fill the options in the computer directly without filling the specimen option form. There are more chances of making mistakes while making the preferences directly on the computer.
  11. One needs to click on the save option regularly when making the preferences in the option form on the web.
  12. After entering the options, clicking the ‘logout’ button will show there warning messages.
    a. Save and logout b. confirm logout c. cancel logout
  13. (a). Selecting the ‘cancel logout’ option will make no chances in the information given in the option entry form.
    (b). Selecting the ‘save & logout’ option will save the options given on the screen till that time.
    (c). Selecting the ‘confirm logout’ option given options details will be seen on the screen.
  14. After verifying the selected options, candidates can change them by clicking ‘login for option entry’.
  15. One can try changing the options, adding the preferences, or to edit them in any manner as many times as they desire, within the time specified.
  16. On the specified date, the options saved by the candidates, recorded options on the server will get frozen (blocked).
  17. Frozen preferences can also be changed by consulting any one of the helpline centers within the specified time and this chance can be availed only for one time. The options recorded after these changes are only considered for the allocation of seats.
  18. Print out of the preferences given by the candidate can be taken.

Sixth stage:

Allocation of seats….

  1. On the date specified in the notification, the seats are allotted according to the merit and category and are kept on the web.
  2. Allotment order’ can be downloaded by the ‘candidate’.
  3. This is the final allotment. After this, no requests for the changes are accepted.

Seventh Stage:
Payment of Fees…..

  1. Challan form for the payment of fees has to be downloaded from the web.
  2. Fees has to be paid by the candidate at any one of the branches of Andhra Bank or Indian Bank along with ‘allotment order’ and has to get the receipt for the same.
  3. In the case of SC/ ST/ BC/ PH/ Minority candidates, if their parent’s annual income doesn’t exceed one lakh rupees, they will be given exemption from the payment of tuition fees and special fees.

Eight Stage:
Admission into college………

  1. Candidate has to report at the allotted college within specified date along with downloaded allotment order, fee receipt and others.
  2. If the candidate fails to report within the specified date, he or she will lose the seat allotted. Afterwards, candidate will have no right on the seat allotted.