LKG Rhymes

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Pease Porridge Hot  

Pease porridge hot!
Pease porridge cold!
Pease porridge in the pot
Nine days old.

Some like it hot,
Some like it cold,
I like it in the pot
Nine days old!

Pop Goes the Weasel  

All around the cobbler's bench,
The monkey chased the weasel.

The monkey thought't was all in fun,
Pop! goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A penny for a needle.

That's the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the weasel.

Once I Caught a Fish Alive  

One, two, three, four, five,
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Then I let go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on the right.

My Red Balloon  

My red balloon,
My red balloon,
Flies up, up, to the sky.

I jumped up high,
To reach the sky,
But could not reach it; Why?

My red balloon,
My red balloon,
Flies up, up, to the sky.

There Was an Old Women  

There was an old woman,
Who lived in a shoe;
She bad so many children
She didn't know what to do

She gave them some broth,
Without any bread,
Then whipped them soundly,
And put them to bed.

If she had just two,
She could make them a stew,
And send them to school,
In pretty jackets of blue

To Market, To Market  

To market, to market
to buy a fat chick;
Home again, home again,

To market, to market,
to buy a fat dog,
Home agin, home again,

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear  

Teddy bear, Teddy bear,
Turn around;
Teddy bear, Teddy bear,
Touch the ground.

Teddy bear, Teddy bear,
Polish your shoes;
Teddy bear, Teddy bear,
Off to school.


Bow-wow, says the dog,
Mew, mew, says the cat,
Grunt, grunt, goes the bear,
And squeak goes the rat.

Tu-whu, says the owl,
Caw, caw, says the crow,
Quack, quack, says the duck,
And what cuckoos says you know.


Once I saw a little bird
Come hop, hop, hop.
And I cried, Little bird,
Will you stop, stop, stop?

I was going to the window
To, say, How do you do.
But he shook his trail
And away he flew.


Little Tommy Tucker
Sings for his Supper.
What shall he eat?
White bread and butter

How shall he cut it?
With a big knife.
Who shall he share with?
With his big, fat wife


Listen to our big drum,
bang, bang, bang.
Listen to our triangle,
tang, tang,tang.

Listen to our trumpet,
tot, toot, toot.
Listen to our tambourine,
shoo, shoo, shoo


Knock at the door, peep in,
Pull the latch and walk in;
Take a chair, sit down there,
Say good-morning, Teddy bera.


I can see left,
i can see right,
Hello to you!
Hello to you!

I look at the ground,
I look at the sky,
Fly off, little bird,
Good-bye, Good-bye

Chubby Cheeks 

Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin
Rosy lips, teeth within
Curly hair very fair
Eyes are blue, lovely too
Teacherís pet, "is that you"
Yes, yes, yes.


I have a little Nose.
And I have a little Chin.
And I have a little Mouth.
Just to put my dinner in.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock 

Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
And down he run,
Hickory, dickory, dock.

What I Can Do 

Two little hands go clap, clap, clap,
Two little feet go tap, tap, tap;
Two little eyes are open wide,
One little head goes side to side

Johnny Johnny Yes Pappa 

Johnny Johnny Yes Pappa
Eating sugar? No, Papa
Telling lies? No, Papa
Open your mouth O Ha! Ha! Ha

Mary Had A Little Lamb 

Mary Had A Little Lamb, Little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb, Its fleece was white as snow
Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went,
Everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go
It followed her to school one day School one day, school one day
It followed her to school one day Which was against the rules.
It made the children laugh and play, Laugh and play, laugh and play,
It made the children laugh and play To see a lamb at school

To Market, to Market  

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. To market, to market, to buy a fat hog, Home again, home again, jiggety-jog. To market, to market, to buy a plum bun, Home again, home again, market is done.