Count It Out

Match Ducks, Count Sails or Hit One Out of the Park; Learn to count them. (Age Rage: 4-5)

Tick Tock Time

Make the correct choices and you'll be right on time! (Age Rage: 5)

Sorting and Classifying Objects

Use the bags to save your school from the monsters! (Age Rage: 5)

English Bus - Measurement

Visit London and figure out things like bigger, smaller, empty, half full and full. (Age Rage: 4)

Living in a Mill – Counting to 10

Visit Tania who lives in a mill in the Netherlands and help her count her flowers. (Age Rage: 4)


Learning Letters

A jungle full of letters. Meet Blob and his virtual buddies. (Age Rage: 4-5)

Word Recognition

Join Teddy at the carnival to learn your short and long vowel sounds. (Age Rage: 5)


Playing with Plants and Animals

Learn to grow flowers and feed the animals. (Age Rage: 5)


Halloween – Addition & time

It’s Halloween! Take a walk in this spooky house and learn about addition & time. (Age Rage: 5)

Sheep Farm – Count & write numbers to 20

Take a trip with the Australian farmer on this sheep farm while counting to 20. (Age Rage: 5)

Addition and Subtraction

Annie and Jose have fun with Addition and Subtraction in their new garden (Age Rage: 5)


Putting Words Together

Lexus the Great, a magician, and Photon, his assistant monster, keep it together. (Age Rage: 5-6)

Welcome to the Jungle

Monkeys love bananas, now keep him happy! (Age Rage: 5-6)


A Pirate will tell you all about pronouns, if you do it right the treasure is yours. (Age Rage: 6)

Compound Words

Help Mr. Sunshine on his quest to find compound words in Sunshine Park! (Age Rage: 6)